Away! This is Raphael’s personal shitcan!

This shitter belongs to Raphael, a smoldering hot Demon Lord who looks like he smells like willowbark aftershave and clean laundry I am HERE FOR IT. His silver-plated plop pot is guarded by this man - Unclean Eternal Debtor - who has the enviable employment as “its admirer, protector, its one true beloved.” Fuck’s sake, man. Get some help. UED dances around it a bit and keeps spectators at a respectful distance. This shitter is everything. A pilgrimage locus, a philosopher’s stone, an anchor point for the shreds of sanity all while holding an exalted position in government!

This shitter is a contender for the 2024 Blue Bowl Awards.

The 2023 Blue Bowl Award goes to…

The long wait is over, the 2023 Blue Bowl Awards are finally here! As we say good-bye to 2023, let us reflect on a year of incredible shitters and our dedicated brigadiers who provided so many beautiful screenshots that it took me days of solitary contemplation to narrow it down. Behold our final contenders:

  1. State of Decay - Build-a-Shitter Workshop! This camp upgrade is a testament to the dire needfuls which abound in survival shitting. The tearful desperation and gritted-toothed optimism is so obvious it’s making us wince as we cast our eyes over and then away from the “stiff breeze”-proof framing and the “work in progress” privacy features! This contender was submitted by bucket brigadier ILikeSocks.
  2. Hello Charlotte - Most Pleasant Personality! As you advance in this game you might want to close your eyes and take three calming breaths and remember the last nice thing you encountered before climbing the tower of nightmares - it was a shitter with apple pie-scented tp! How nice! You’re going to want to take some with you as you endure the remaining trials of this story. Submitted by bucket brigadier Mahilo.
  3. Heavy Rain - Witness Protection! Thanks for completely fucking up this shitter’s life, Madison!
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 - Last Friend on Earth! In a world where most say “Not Me” this shitter says “I WILL!” Because somebody has to, god damn it all. I’m sure the shitter appreciated the offerings of myrrh or a toolbox or whatever that thing is that was laid at its feet, truly this prison shitter is a future-future saint in our very presence.

And the winner is… The Resident Evil 4 Remake Cubbyhole Shitter! Another three point touchdown from ILikeSocks. This shitter has everything we want in a great safari discovery:

  • Giving Thrills: Where terror and delight meet, we find this shitter. You don’t want to open that door, but god help you if you don’t! This is what shitter hunting is all about. Leave no stone unturned in the quest for the quintessential shitter of fear.

  • Bardic Storytelling: This scene is constructed beautifully, with a supporting actor of its own - the ogre holding the shitter hostage!

  • 2024 Mood: A great way to start this new year. This shitter is Sustainable! Why throw away a perfectly good Resident Evil: Village resource that took hours to create and was only used once? And this shitter is Modular! It fits right under the stairs in a hidden storage nook. Lastly, this shitter has Diminished Carbon Footprint! It uses no water whatsoever. Water is a finite resource, within or without the apocalypse, so well done to the people who used to live here for thinking ahead.

Great graphics are also a big plus. The Blue Bowl shitter is a prestigious award that is handed out each year to an exceptional shitter, and signifies a $25 donation to the sanitation charity of our choice in 2024. Now get comfortable in your seat as 2024 begins! There are so many shitters to discover!

Five-Gallon Campsite shitter!

Another banger from ILikeSocks who never misses with these exemplary showcase thrones. Here’s one from State of Decay 2 that is in the running for the 2023 Blue Bowl awards.

Says our brigadier: “State of Decay is a meh. A solid B Tier. And this shitter is OKAY. I think it loses points in that it’s a camp upgrade, and not organically found in the world. I’m in my friends world because I’m to lazy to play alone, and they built this in their camp.”

Fine, but this shit bucket is impressing the fuck out of me. It’s a 5 gallon homer bucket with a seat on top! Plenty of reading material stacked up on the side table. But you know that’s just going to end up toilet paper once that Last Roll In Existence is used up. Waterproof walls, and on the floor we got some mood lighting. Out here surviving with NO DOOR!!

The 2022 Blue Bowl Award is HERE!!

So it’s finally fucking here, something we have all been waiting for! 2022 is over, everyone always says “Last year was a flaming dumpster fire, good riddance!” but wasn’t 2022 quite a bit better than a couple of them previous years, let’s be honest? We’ve had some great shitters in 2022, yes a lot less than usual perhaps and I completely own that because as you have heard me say a thousand times I’ve been in school and it fucking sucks, dude. If I could hunt shitters for my living, I would do it, but so far nobody has stepped up to be my Shitter Daddy (sorry, I won’t say that ever again). Anyway before we get into the winner (not like you can’t immediately see the image) here’s a breakdown of what qualifies (and quantifies) as a Blue Bowl shitter.

  1. The throne itself must give thrills. Effervescence of the brain occurs at its vision before you, something you remember and tell your children about.
  2. It tells a story. Has a potpourri of background imagery. A scene is being constructed around the shitter. Bonus if the shitter itself is a quest item.
  3. Dungeon/prison shitters or ‘Wilson’/sole companion shitters, for obvious reasons.
  4. The Blue Bowl shitter is a $25 donation to the World Toilet Organization, which will be received by the WTO on World Toilet Day.

This Blue Bowl Award is brought to us by our 2022 Brigadier of the Year, ILikeSocks, and it’s from Callisto Protocol. This one slide down the chute just before the end of the year and she is doing the most. This prison shitter gave me the thrills, and the chills! It’s going above and beyond with all that background glitter. Just based on the shitters alone I would definitely play this game, but you know what, honestly here’s a little review of the game from Socks himself, so you be the judge:

“A overwhelming “Meh”. Wait till sale or GamePass. It’s more unfinished half baked combat. The game looks great, spiritual successor-ish to Dead Space. But the combat is melee focused, not a terrible idea in itself but it’s shallow and quickly gets repetitive and when fighting more than one monster the combat falls apart and gets infuriating. Think melee combat as basic as Hellblade 1… maybe moreso, and where the monsters are happy to just gank the shit out of you and you dodge with the left stick for some reason. The dodge and combat break down when fighting anything more than one monster. For me at least, it’s in the same boat as Alan Wake 1. I really want to push forward with the story, I love the genre (Stephen Kingish Sci-fi Horror) but the gameplay is just to basic, repetitive and like pulling out my teeth. Also it’s mostly cheap jump scares and gore. Not really scary. Then again Dead Space wasn’t scary either. Some of the monsters are cool, but there isn’t much variety so far. Also same review applies for SCORN while we’re at it.”

Game quality and all of that aside, the shitter is fucking delivering. I am flush with more Callisto Protocol Shitters of Fear queued up to flash at you, now that I’m on a solid break so please look forward to it! 2023: The best is waiting for us! I am ready for this shit!

Behold! The 2021 Blue Bowl Awards!

Our first place award goes to the Astral Plane shitter of the game Control which was submitted by Bucket Brigadier ILikeSocks! Out of all the impressive member submissions of 2021, this shitter truly rose above all others, in both that it was actually levitating and also in that it has an associated achievement which is so freaking meta.

Our runner-up is the Legacy Shitter from Red Dead Redemption II, submitted by Bucket Brigadier Casper! This shitter had quite a vine-like lineage behind it, almost an astral plane of its own. A powerful backstory and character development is what players yearn for in gaming shitters.

What these shitters have in common and why they are both winners is the element of pause-and-reflect that is built right into them! What games need more of is starry-eyed fan children trading stories about how a shitter changed everything, because that’s how it works in the real world. Astral Plane shitter says “Look at me. I am hovering and tilting through the colorless void. You may not sit upon me. You may only perceive me from yon floor, which is beneath me, and gaze at perfection.” Great! Similarly, you can’t sit on Legacy Shitter. Why? Because it’s a fucking tetanus hazard and very likely there’s a nest of black widow spiders under that seat.

Congratulations to the winners!

Toilet of the Astral Plane!

Have you ever wondered where angels, Morpheus, and Elon Musk all prefer to spend their thinking time? It’s right here. Thank you to our Bucket Brigadier ILikeSocks for being the oracle of this porcelain messiah. From Control, this is the Astral Plane shitter! Get your reiki-charged moonwater enemas ready and make sure those amethyst crystals are up your butt, cos this is where you shit them out. Incredibly, there’s even a secret achievement associated with this shitter.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2021.

Moldy Threshold shitters!

Bucket Brigadier ILikeSocks has blessed our eyeballs with these gorgeous shitters! These are all from the game Control. First, we have an exceptional shiny metal specimen! Please note the bling bling reflections, the toxic waste, plus a magazine labeled CHICKEN. I really do like the “Sink Twice” model here, fully clad in modern AF stainless steel, and the sign here seems to indicate that yes, you can dump that toxic sludge you’ve been looking to dispose of down this very drain. Although it still has a ways to go to be fully environmentally-conscious, as there’s both TP and HP (Hand Paper) being dispensed in this room.

Second, this bank of shitters. You set forth on the noble quest to obtain mold spores called “Type B”, aka butt variety. From our brigadier: “I got a side quest that involves getting some mold samples, and one of them specifically says I gotta find it near toilets.” Quests involving shitters will always win my heart over, so I’ll go ahead and endorse this game I haven’t played yet. Gotta be a good one if it features shitters as NPCs.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2021.

The Legacy Outhouse of Beecher’s Hope!

Today’s shitter is brought to us by bucket brigadier Casper! This Wild West outhouse comes with quite the backstory. This is a legacy shitter, and the hero character’s name is JOHN! Destiny is calling. Gather ‘round the campfire, brigadiers, as Casper spins us the yarn of this remarkable loo:

“This may be the shitter I am most passionate about. Now, it doesnt look like much. But that crap shack and outhouse are what paved the way for the ultimate end of one of the greatest Western stories ever told. This is the MOST important crapper in the West, I’m telling you! There is SO much owed to this shitter, you have no idea. Let me educate you…

The land around this cabin, and that shit shack ahead of it, is the land of Beecher’s Hope. That shack and shitter were part of the previous landowner’s home, who as it turns out doesn’t need either anymore. With the help of two of his closest friends, John Marston (a future hero of the West) builds his family home all by hand. But the shitter is what kept those men comfortable while they built a legendary home. Sure, by the end they had a proper ‘modern toilet’, but where would those men have deposited the goods beforehand? The modern shitter might be more difficult to find. I’d have to swap consoles, hope it’s in that version. If it isn’t, then I’ll play the first game and get to the end just to see it.

There’s more. THAT SHITTER RIGHT THERE is why John’s family is taken, and why he ventures across the old Western America and even into Mexico. That shitter led to the downfall of what was left of the old gang and eventually gave John the land of his final resting place. This is the shitter of the American Dream. Because if that lonely shitter wasnt there, then John probably wouldn’t have build his family home. And the downfall of the gang is because they end up being the villains of the next game! There is FAR too much to say about this long-drop.”

Wow, this outhouse is like the architect of dreams and nightmares. And that Grim Reaper’s scythe leaning against the door? Savage. Get yourself right with Sanitation. Judgement Day is coming; the shitters shall decide.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2021.

It’s time for the 2020 Blue Bowl Awards!

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we have to work hard to build the world we want. As such, the Gaming Thrones Blue Bowl Committee (it’s me) has unanimously recognized this phenomenal shitter, hand-crafted by Final Fantasy XIV player Ashen Bride, as 2020’s first place winner!

Clever and introspective, charming in every way. This design is coating my eyeballs in “home-sweet-home” energy! The shitter itself is made of at least four different furniture pieces, masterfully clipped together. The utility of the room is modern and efficient, with a stacking washer-dryer combo, complete with upper cabinetry, and a tiled shower stall. But the details are what complete this award-worthy shitter: Wainscotting along the rear wall, an empty baguette basket as a wastepaper basket, the little shelf items, and plenty of “natural” lighting. So much careful consideration has gone into this fantastic design!

Let’s all be like Ashen Bride, and craft a beautiful world for ourselves and each other. Happy New Year! It’s going to take work, it is my ardent prayer that in 2021, we attain everything we yearn for: The security and comfort of a well-appointed, custom-decorated shitter!

This shitter was submitted to me by Bucket Brigadier Solo Espresso, so $5 will be donated by Gaming Thrones to the World Toilet Organization. Thank you for your submission, brigadier!

The 2020 Bucket Brigadier of the Year is…

Congratulations, Azi! I know you thought nothing good would come out of 2020’s ugly ass, but what a relief it must be to receive this honor, which you can certainly put in the “volunteer work” section of any resume. Throughout the year, Azi has been a true friend and stalwart companion, exposing me to shitters heretofore unknown. Such as the interactive shitters of Animal Crossing! It was enough to make me want to get the game myself. Azi also waded toe-deep into New World to find me a potty. Azi is always encouraging me by chuckling at my jokes, so I guess you could blame him for a lot of the crap that came out of this blog in 2020! Thanks a lot, Azi. This year, let’s flush out even more shitters together!

Hometown Outhouse!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a single-player game in which the the single player (you) controls two player characters (older brother and younger brother) at the same time, or separately, with different areas of the keyboard or controller. It’s a bit challenging and different, and the gameplay and obstacles are reminiscent of LoZ: Twilight Princess, which I love. I’ve only played a couple of hours so far, but already very early on in the game before the boys even leave their hometown, I found an interactive shitter. When I saw the structure, I had only mere hopes (from the outside, it could even be a garden shed). To my delight, I discovered that not only is it in fact an outhouse, but you get two interactions here, which makes this a blue ribbon shitter, even if you can’t open the door. In the first interaction, the big brother leans toward the structure, quickly realizes it stinks, and waves his hand while making a mournful sound. In the second interaction, the little brother pounds on the door and laughs, causing the occupant to holler.

The Boss’s Executive Bathroom!

The Stanley Parable, free to download from Epic Games, is not so much a parable as a somewhat irritating quandary. The player quickly beats the game by following the directions of the narrator, and then replays the game via unending loop in a quest to somehow find a purpose to the game itself. The Stanley Parable receives an automatic passing grade for the inclusion of an Executive Bathroom located in the boss’s top floor office, but this one is in the upper eschelon of video game shitters. It’s very meta, featuring philosophical wall scrawlings, and it has its own ego, in the form of an self-absorbed tabloid on the side table. This shitter has self-actualized. It has attained a level of enlightenment heretofore unheard-of. It is a cleric, possibly a high priest among shitters.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2020.

Enemy Camp shitters!

Playing through the storyline of the main Metro: Exodus quest will bring you to this enemy camp in the Taiga territory. The highlight of the camp is definitely this bank of outhouses! Note how the two flanking structures are blocked off, showcasing a central, slightly raised shitter, which serves an additional purpose as a shrine to a JEM! looking rockstar lady. An accordion and book stashed inside implies this shitter is a place of inspiration and culture for the people who live here. After civilization collapses you’re not gonna have have a mobile phone to bring with you to the crapper, but an accordion is so much cooler.

It’s time for the 2019 Blue Bowl Awards!

Each year, the illustrious committee of experts at Gaming Thones, consisting of myself, likes to give a nod where it’s due to the best of the bowls. There were a lot of great potentials this year, but the clear winner for 2019 is the train depot shitter from Metro: Exodus. I’ll tell you what makes this shitter so outstanding:

  1. It’s dreadful. Look at this fucking thing. Metro: Exodus is in the horror genre, and this shitter itself is a nightmare. There is no seat. It’s a metal basin that was probably originally intended for a urinal, with a concrete surround. It’s almost completely exposed to the elements, including radioactive snow that is currently falling right onto it.

  2. It’s not clear where the thing drains to. Does it just empty out directly underneath the basin? Why would anyone use this? And clearly people do. Because there are several books and someone even left the lights on, implying they plan to return.

  3. Metro: Exodus shows us the current demand for shitters is relevant. The game came out this year, and the presence of shitters of this design quality indicates not only that video game shitters are no passing trend, but that in time they may only improve.

Our second place winner is this prison shitter from Dishonored 2. As you know, I love me a good prison shitter. The tiny bucket in the corner is, for me, a joy to behold. That bucket says, “I know this is the last place on Earth you ever want to end up, and it’s probably the last place you’ll ever be. But I want you to know, I’m here for you.” When the going gets rough, a prison shitter is the one friend who will stay by your side, also because you aren’t allowed any contact with the outside world. You better appreciate a prison shitter. A terrific note on which we finish off 2019 - In gratitude, we thank our shitters, which provide comfort in even these terrible places.

The 2019 Bucket Brigadier of the Year is…

Congratulations to Khazya, the Gaming Thrones bucket brigadier of the year! What did he do to deserve this? Khazya contributed a lot of content to us this year by pairing up with me and streaming his playthrough of Dishonored 2. Together, we documented undiscovered shitters, shared laughs at the expense of the steampunk aristocracy, and swapped ideas for future projects. Thank you for giving so much of your time that you can never get back to Gaming Thrones this year. I can’t wait to do even more of this with the bucket brigade next year.

In honor of our brigadier, a donation of $10 USD has been sent to The World Toilet Organization.

2019 has been a year of learning and growing. I discovered something new about myself in 2019. It turns out that one of my favorite things is to peek into random Twitch streams, and find surprising places where shitters hide, in games I never played. So hopefully in the coming new year, there’ll be more surprises like that!

Hansa Train Depot shitter!

While still in the beginning of the game, at some point Anna (the protagonist’s wife) gets kidnapped by a group called Hansa. I kinda fought back, and maybe might have been shot and left for dead in a culvert. But, I found a medkit on a corpse, dusted it off, patched meself up good as new, and broke in to where Hansa was keeping Anna - A train depot, with tons of armed guards. God damn it, Anna, I loves ya, but you’re really a lot of work.

Upon rescuing Anna, a stealth mission begins, and you can’t even save during it, so it’s a great challenge. I found this shitter near the beginning of the level, so it’s almost like they give you the reward before you do the mission. This is a Минстрой-approved sanitation device, with a proper seat. It doesn’t even look cobbled together. This is some pre-war shit! Even if it doesn’t have a door, it is still somewhat sheltered from the elements due to the surrounding crates and concrete slabs. The candle and reading materials give it a reminiscent wink of comfort. I’m sure that book is left open because it’s impossible to fumble with the pages in subzero temperatures.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2019.

Durante’s Grand Guard Cell shitter!

Submitted by Bucket Brigadier Khazya!

Durante was a man who came to be detained by the Grand Guard for suspicious activity. He did a number of odd yet significant jobs for the Howlers. One such task was kidnapping drunk people to exchange for Howlers hostages via Mr. Modotti, the local silvergrapher and liaison for Shindaerey Mining Company. In that sense, I would say Durante was a devil. But his other job was delivering food, water, and sundries to Aramis Stilton. That’s why he has the combination to Stilton’s front door. So, is he also the one who emptied Stilton’s chamber pot? That’s one conclusion, and for that reason I say this man was an angel.

Shitter Hero Durante was imprisoned in the basement of the Grand Guard’s Batista District outpost, in the most morally degrading conditions imaginable. Grim and bleak, this room is practically yodeling “You’re not coming out of here alive.” There are rats. There’s crumbling plaster walls. A CorningWare® basin to weep into. A gruesome, bare mattress to die on. An unadorned metal pail for your Last Business. And it might be the best prison shitter I have ever seen.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2019.

Blackbarrel Cellars, Eden-6 shitter!

Submitted by Bucket Brigadier Solo Espresso!

This shitter is fantastic. What am I looking at here? Someone in the tub with a TV head? Is the person dead? Is that someone relevant to the story in any way? Is that a gramophone, or something like it? Detective Espresso has the answers!

“Yeah, apparently. I have no clue, it’s no one important. Just a random idiot mob. And that is a gramophone, I think it’s what it’s called, in the game. It’s such a pretty bathroom, and I love everything in it.”

It is pretty great. But you know what, Borderlands 3, you are really showing your ass here. The curtains are clipping into the walls. The pipes are wrapping around some of the curtains - how doth one closeth thine drapery? And my favorite thing used to be rugs with unfixable wrinkles. My new favorite thing is wrinkled carpet with candles that have been left burning on top of them. This crapper is a tinderbox. Yikes.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2019.

Karnaca Enclave Barber Shop shitter!

I’ve been away for a little minute taking some summer classes, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Brigade! Here’s a nice spot to freshen up off the main room of a barber shop in the Karnaca Enclave. This is really an example of an excellent shitter. For the location, it’s very clean. There’s a lot of detail in this one - The decorative floor tiling, the busted paint job, the personal care products on the sink, even that storage locker that seems a bit out of place. It’s both humble and proud, with that fantastic “I’m just doing my best” ambiance that I adore in a Shopkeeper Shitter. I like to imagine the designer getting into the mindset of the NPC who runs this place and setting up the backdrop accordingly. Definitely a blue ribbon shitter.

The Incredible Time-Traveling Shitters of Stilton Manor!

Aramis Stilton gives the impression of a well-meaning, if not simple-hearted fellow who just wants to collect art and arrange flowers. How did his manor fall into such disrepair? The long and short of it is Stilton permitted Duke Abele and his shitty cronies to use his home for a séance that ultimately gave physical form to the spirit of Delilah. Now he’s trapped in a prison in his mind, but you can free him using a hand-held, dark-sided timepiece and a strategic bump on the noggin.

The timepiece can also be used to check out Stilton’s phenomenal shitters. You can use the timepiece to either take a little peek back in time through a glass, or transition entirely from the present to the past. Clearly, time and witchcraft has taken a toll on Stilton’s master bathroom. Though the decor was quite nice back then, nature added some beautiful and dignified additions of her own. Some fallen pipes now house ornamental grasses, vines, and god knows what else, and a brass alligator statue salutes us from the bow of that bathtub. The shitter itself remains whole and in working order in both timeframes. The complexity of this washroom is yet unsurpassed.

This shitter is a contender for the esteemed Blue Bowl of 2019.

The Warrens shitter!

Have you ever lived in a crawlspace under an ancient city corrupted by wealth and greed, using a communal shitter shared by seven other people? You know, I haven’t either, but if you’re curious about what that would look like, head to The Warrens, an absolute trash heap in Markarth. It is one of many disgraces of this city. The entrance is right next to the place where they drown thieves, so you can’t miss it.

The wikia article states the following: ‘There is absolutely nothing of value in the main hallway, with the exception of some firewood near the central fire.’ BEG PARDON? Is no one going to acknowledge the brave, solitary, wooden hero that deserves all the commendations and medals ever made, and the only thing here that’s keeping this shit together?

Trapper’s Camp shitter!

Winner! of the 2018 prestigious Brown Ribbon!

With great care and trepidation, walk the plank to the edge of this cliff to take a pensive, meditative squat over a 600-meter drop. With scorchbeasts gliding majestically above, and legendary glowing alpha wolves prowling below, this may be the safest shitter on the map. Of note: The crate that you’d be depositing your life’s work into does not open to the valley below. Since it’s closed up on the bottom you’d have to actually empty the receptacle yourself which is a bit puzzling. There’s a crate of toilet paper nearby and some grubby comic books and snacks on the seat itself. Trapper’s Camp is a luxurious spa retreat, the best feature being that it doesn’t even have a map marker, so no one can bother you here!

Agatha’s House shitter!

Soft-spoken GILF and violin virtuoso Agatha has lived alone in this cabin since her husband passed. What a lovely WC she has. Agatha is a lady, and this is where a lady shits.

PS She has submerged a plush bear in her toilet and that’s kind of dark tbh.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary: Dawnstar shitter!

This is a special gift from Delvin Mallory, installed for you himself with a designer’s touch. The built-in stone ledge for your toiletries doubles as a cubbyhole for the bucket. Really fancy.

Winner! of the prestigious 2015 Brown Ribbon!

Sunshine Tidings Co-op shitters!

The winner of the coveted Brown Ribbon of the Year award in 2015 was this REALLY nice wooden outhouse at Sunshine Tidings Co-op. As you can see, this shitter is top-notch, with potential for a bright future. The elevated nature of this stall lends itself to superior protection against pests such as radroachs and molerats while you’re having a moment alone.

There is another notable shitter on the property that I have photographed and documented here, and which is a terrible sty. The metal shack features some splintery boards perched atop cinder blocks, and an accompanying rusted metal bucket. Creative, but a definite no-go. And are settlers expected to bathe here? My companion, Preston Garvey, obviously blurted out this non sequitur before he took a peek inside.

Bloodskal Barrow shitters!

Submitted by Bucket Brigadier futilexistance! These Raiders know what’s what at Bloodskal Barrow. They moved in to this decrepit structure, and made it home. All they need is some dream catchers, and possibly a railing on the narrow, incredibly dangerous wooden catwalk that wraps around the tower.

They also made efficient use of this ancient burial chamber, complete with kitchen, mini library, bunk quarters and ample lookouts. In addition, as soon as you enter, there’s a bonfire piled high with Draugr. A simple solution to Zombies, and also makes for lazy firewood!

Fort Greenwall shitters!

I went to Fort Greenwall at level 7, when it was occupied by Bandits. I ended up running away with my arms over my head shouting, “I just want to photograph your shitter!” I sort of forgot about that place, and today, at level 68 I saw it in the distance and thought, “Today is the day where I witness where y’all do Number 2.”

Since the Imperials are in charge now, I walked right up to the gate and said, “Excuse me, but do you have a public restroom?” Right this way, they replied.

Behold! I know what you’re thinking. That looks an awful lot like Fort Dunstad’s shitter! But what you’re witnessing is the fine and exacting standards of the milk-drinking Imperial military. Notice the Captain’s Quarters has its own chamber pot. You don’t expect the Captain to shit with all the petty officers? If I were this Captain, I would be less interested in the commode situation, and a little more concerned by the sleeping situation. If this doesn’t remind you of some #SochiProblems. That can’t be comfortable. I dare you to sort of casually remark to that last guy, “Yo nice crib dog. Dog. Nice crib.” There’d be a FIGHT.

Sunnytop Station shitter!

This gorgeous, top notch pitstop has all the fixings for a truly memorable, gross experience! Get your disgusting radiation-infused noms and dysentery all at once. Revolting.

Dunwall Distillery shitter!

Winner! of the 2014 prestigious Brown Ribbon!

This dreadful haunt won Best of the Worst in 2014. How would you like to even glance at a place like this, much less have to use it in an emergency? Epidemic pathogens abound in the alleyway behind Dunwall Distillery. If you ever run into someone who doesn’t give a shit about the rat plague, just have them visit this gruesome squat, and I can guarantee you they will never be able to stop giving a shit from that point forward.