The 2019 Bucket Brigadier of the Year is…

Congratulations to Khazya, the Gaming Thrones bucket brigadier of the year! What did he do to deserve this? Khazya contributed a lot of content to us this year by pairing up with me and streaming his playthrough of Dishonored 2. Together, we documented undiscovered shitters, shared laughs at the expense of the steampunk aristocracy, and swapped ideas for future projects. Thank you for giving so much of your time that you can never get back to Gaming Thrones this year. I can’t wait to do even more of this with the bucket brigade next year.

In honor of our brigadier, a donation of $10 USD has been sent to The World Toilet Organization.

2019 has been a year of learning and growing. I discovered something new about myself in 2019. It turns out that one of my favorite things is to peek into random Twitch streams, and find surprising places where shitters hide, in games I never played. So hopefully in the coming new year, there’ll be more surprises like that!