A shitstorm of queued content

This semester has been over for a minute and I’ve been doing fuck all. I’m not even sorry. It’s been tranquil as shit. The update: The Bucket Brigade has been lavishing screenshots in my direction during the time that I’ve been studying, which is amazing, and I’m excited to share them with you all. As such, I have so much queued content just waiting to be posted, from so many different games that there’s no real order, rhyme, or reason to it at all. Normally, I prefer to curate my content dumps so there are mini cohesive themes but in this case, I’m not sure there’s a way to do that. So there’s going to be a lot of random shit incoming in the next few days, but this is the shit you’ve been waiting for. Kicking it off with the Jedi Vac Tube flush of glory!


Our Bucket Brigadier of 2022 is…

The turning of the calendar is not merely an excuse to make hollow promises to oneself and others, it is also a time to celebrate Greatness in Shitter Hunting and Greatness of Shitters! Today we are here to acknowledge our Bucket Brigadier for 2022 and it is a long-overdue accolade for ILikeSocks, a veteran shitter hunter who is now a decorated Brigadier. Socks has been with the Brigade for many years and has contributed something like over 13 shitters to our museum. Our community is so lucky to have him.

This is the most accurate picture of Socks that I could find. Outside of his hobby as a legendary weaver and baker of breads, Socks is a connoisseur of fine gaming entertainment. What does such a sommelier detect in choice gaming? “I honestly just look for anything to fill the gaping void of time. If it’s scary, or has exploration and/or space I’ll check it out. Also FROMSOFT games. I like finding shortcuts around the world. I guess I just like games where it feels like the people making them actually cared. Low bar 🤷🏻‍♂️”

Games you are looking forward to in future? “First thing I’m looking forward to is ELDEN RING DLC after that in no particular order: RE4 remake, Diablo 4, Armored Core, Starfield, Bombrush Cyberfunk.”

What’s the worst video game you’ve ever played and why? “The worst game I’ve ever played? You know it’s the cesspool that is Elder Scrolls Online. Heel deep gameplay where every class is exactly the same just with different colored spells. Power creep so insane the devs are in a perpetual state of meltdown, small unengaged community full of toxic groups. Difficulty all over the place with only two modes. IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE and We Are Never Going To Clear. Soulless cash machine, the entire game exists to prop up the crown store. There’s a few unlockable things like mounts and pets in the old old old base game content and maybe a few free outfits when you complete the DLC story but for 99% of anything worth having you need to buy it in the crown store. I could rant forever. But ESO fucking sucks.”

Thank you for everything, ILikeSocks! In your honor, $25 will be donated to the World Toilet Organization on World Toilet Day, on behalf of Gaming Thrones.


Where you been, poo?

You may have noticed we have been AFS for some time, because a lot has been happening. I graduated, I moved on, and I have a monster load of shitter submissions waiting to be glorified on this blog. Thank you for your patience, I see you there in my analytics looking for new shitters and I validate you!

The biggest update I have for you is the promise of future fun - I’ve been recreating the blog in a new framework that will be faster, with more optimized images, and more features. I’m SO excited to share that with you, and hoping very much that I can get it all done before September, when I will whisk away to the university of my dreams to become even more powerful, legendary, and unstoppable.

So once again thank you for your continued viewership. This community means so freaking much to me, and honestly, we have made a big difference to our main squeeze, the World Toilet Org. That is a relationship I’m looking forward to also increasing and improving in the near future, so please look forward to that. Best wishes from this shitty blog!


The Gaming Thrones Bucket Brigadier of 2021 is…

Congratulations to bucket brigadier Emrysin! The picture you see here is Emrysin himself, an avid book reader and extreme gamer with a bright future in professional game design consultation. Let’s check in with Emrysin, and ask him some important questions.

First, what drove you to want to attain this prestigious award? “My fierce competitive spirit and my undying love for toilets, but mainly I just wanted to support my friend and their toilet blog. Advocating for awareness of proper hygiene is so important and I feel so honored that I can help contribute to this blog that advocates for that in some small way.”

What kind of games do you usually find yourself playing the most? “I think the first thing I look for in a game is whether or not it’s co-op, and the second thing is if I’m going to enjoy the character progression. I also have a penchant for playing games with magic in them, since I really enjoy magic.”

What games did you enjoy the most in 2021? Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a game I really enjoyed from 2021. It is full of whimsy and wonder. When I was younger a friend recommended Trine II to me, and it too evoked whimsy in me, and I liked the storytelling, art, and music. Ori and the Blind Forest is another such game. I really enjoy games that challenge me, like Dark Souls III. Also pretty much any game where I can be a healer or a medic, whether that be while slaying zombies, or in challenging RPG moments, or platforming in 2D games or exploring ancient ruins and bustling cities.”

What games are you looking most forward to in 2022? “There are two games which I am so excited about. The first is Baldur’s Gate III, and the second is Elden Ring. I am so looking forward to playing these gmaes with my friends, of course with the inimitable author of the blog that you are currently reading.

Thank you Emrysin, and we are all on tenterhooks awaiting your next shitter submissions!


Behold! The 2021 Blue Bowl Awards!

Our first place award goes to the Astral Plane shitter of the game Control which was submitted by Bucket Brigadier ILikeSocks! Out of all the impressive member submissions of 2021, this shitter truly rose above all others, in both that it was actually levitating and also in that it has an associated achievement which is so freaking meta.

Our runner-up is the Legacy Shitter from Red Dead Redemption II, submitted by Bucket Brigadier Casper! This shitter had quite a vine-like lineage behind it, almost an astral plane of its own. A powerful backstory and character development is what players yearn for in gaming shitters.

What these shitters have in common and why they are both winners is the element of pause-and-reflect that is built right into them! What games need more of is starry-eyed fan children trading stories about how a shitter changed everything, because that’s how it works in the real world. Astral Plane shitter says “Look at me. I am hovering and tilting through the colorless void. You may not sit upon me. You may only perceive me from yon floor, which is beneath me, and gaze at perfection.” Great! Similarly, you can’t sit on Legacy Shitter. Why? Because it’s a fucking tetanus hazard and very likely there’s a nest of black widow spiders under that seat.

Congratulations to the winners!


Happy New Year 2022, Everyone!

Now that final exams are over, I can truly make a relieving dump of all the game toilets that I have squirreled away throughout the semester. This is just a quick update to let you know that in the coming weeks you will be seeing more shitters, our Blue Bowl Awards for 2021’s best shitter, and the Bucket Brigadier of the Year 2021 - Who will it be? And why? Please look forward to it!


Our Campaign has Begun!

As promised, our campaign for World Toilet 2021 has commenced and it kicks off with a donation that represents all the Shitter Submissions from our Bucket Brigade during the last year. This will continue until World Toilet Day on November 19, so please consider joining us by clicking our campaign link and making a donation of $1! This would mean a lot not only to me but to the entire world to receive your generous donation toward this extremely worthy cause.

I’m very excited and honored to be taking this journey with you toward a better tomorrow, full of healthy and responsible sanitation for everyone!


World Toilet Day 2021 is almost here!

This image is kind of old, but if you follow the link below you’ll see that even more progress has been made since 2017!

As you all know, World Toilet Day occurs on November 19 each and every year. This year, to celebrate World Toilet Day, we’re doing something a little different at Gaming Thrones. If you remember, in 2020, with the help of OmniNut and the Nut Sack crew, we raised an incredible S$901 for the World Toilet Organization via WorldToilet.Give.Asia. This year, due to the fact that my coursework has kept me from playing any games myself, I’ve relied almost entirely on the Bucket Brigadiers for contributions of screenshots from their own gameplays. So, this year, I’m going to be offering a personal donation based on the number of Bucket Brigadier submissions. That will be calculated and donated a little ahead of November 19, and for the purposes of transparency I will share the URL, and if you feel so inclined, please consider making a $1 donation as well via that link. Your donations would make a world of difference to people who need a bathroom urgently!


We’re back, Brigade!

A belated Happy Pride, brigadiers! Life has been pretty incredible lately but I’m happy to report that first of all, I am alive! Due to some pretty wild circumstances, I have been unable to update the blog for just about 6 full months. But the stars aligned and not only are we back but we have so many - LOADS - of brigadier-submitted shitters queued up and waiting to be analyzed, critiqued, praised and/or ridiculed. I’m very excited to share them with you, so please look forward to that. Enjoy these last proud days of June and then get ready for Christmas in July, Gaming Thrones style!


WTO World Toilet Day Charity Drive was a Complete Success!

We did it, brigade! Thanks to bucket brigadier Omninuts and his Nutsack community on Twitch, we not only met our goal of $400 (Singapore), we blasted right past it! As of this morning, our campaign has raised $729 - and it’s not even over! We still have until November 18 at midnight to raise as much as possible for the World Toilet Organization. The incredible success of this campaign has brought new light to my heart and I am more determined than ever to bring you top notch gaming shitters. So I have decided that for every Bucket Brigade submission of a new shitter, I will donate five dollars to this cause. It is going to really add up and I’m very excited to post a new shitter submission link on the page. This submitter will be available shortly. Check it out and send those shitters.


November 19 is World Toilet Day 2020!

Every year on November 19, the World Toilet Organization celebrates their victories, outlines new goals, and presents their plea to the world at large for donations to their incredible charity effort to bring safe and clean toilets to underserved communities. Just some of their projects this year included waterless composting toilets in Xi`an City, China! The WTO also expanded their Rainbow School Toilet Program in China. You can read their Annual Report from 2019 here, and please look forward to their updated 2020 Annual Report in the coming days.

Bucket Brigade, this year we are doing something special for our friends at the World Toilet Organization. The Gaming Thrones community is seeking to raise $400 (Singapore) before World Toilet Day - November 19 - to add to the WTO yearly goal! Whether you are a veteran brigadier, or if you wish to join the ranks as a new member: Please consider being part of our charity drive by making a secure PayPal donation via our Campaign Link! You can give any amount - even a donation of $5 will help us reach our goal. What might seem like a drop in the bucket can add up significantly! You’ll be a part of making a world of difference for a person you may never meet, but who will thank you multiple times daily. Additionally, myself, and the WTO at large will sincerely thank you for your contribution. To ensure the funds get to the destination before World Toilet Day, the fundraising will close on November 18, 2020 at midnight.


Who Gives A Crap

From Melbourne Australia, the Who Gives A Crap company makes toilet paper and facial tissue from 100% recycled materials and/or 100% bamboo. What’s so remarkable about that, I can hear you asking? They also donate 50% of profits to sanitation charity efforts like WASH, SHOFCO, and WaterAid. Earlier this year, Who Gives A Crap donated $4 MILLION to their charity partners. That money goes to build toilets and improve sanitation services for the over TWO BILLION people on the planet without access to a decent shitter. Check out their Talking Crap blog for more information about their charity work.

This toilet paper looks pretty fucking great and I really want to get myself a box of the Play Edition. Themed like a toy box, the paper wrappers are cheerfully designed, and the packaging (which is both sustainably-sourced and recyclable) makes a fun and useful object even after it’s empty.

Everybody poops and as long as you’re buying toilet paper, you may as well help build toilets for your fellow man by investing in a company that’s doing the hard work for us: Honorary Bucket Brigadiers, Who Gives A Crap TP!


We are officially friends!

We are so thrilled and so proud to announce that the World Toilet Organization has given this incredible Certificate of Friendship to Gaming Thrones. A beautiful plaque which I am proud to hang on my wall. The design is in a handsome and stylish toilet bowl blue, and signed by my hero Jack Sim, so I actually have his autograph now.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that during this time of global awareness around COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, proper sanitation is of paramount importance. The necessity is poignant that all people have access to this basic human right - a safe and clean toilet. And because I know that my Bucket Brigade is as equally passionate about toilets, I am asking you to please celebrate Friendship Day with us by navigating to the World Toilet Organization to make a secure donation of $5. You can donate with PayPal, and there’s even a recurring payment option. For the price of a coffee, we can make a difference.

Thank you for celebrating Friendship Day, July 25, along with me and Jack Sim!


We finally have a Mobile Version!

“It’s not flawless, but it’s here” is what the delivery doctor said when they handed Baby Ulfric Stormcloak to his mother. It’s also the announcement I’m making today about the new mobile version of Gaming Thrones! I’m very excited to present this mobile version, as it is the result of a lot of hard work. It will probably receive numerous adjustments in the coming days, but it is my hope that this new application will be exactly what the Bucket Brigade needs when you’re on the go. To properly view the mobile theme, you might have to flush the cached data from when you viewed the site previously with your device.

Thanks for your continued viewership, Bucket Brigade!



Check out our new layout. You can preview some of the upcoming features on the far left. I’m very excited that we will soon be able to accept screenshot submissions! Take a minute to check out the link at the bottom, for our favorite charity, the World Toilet Organization. Also, look forward to an improved interface for mobile users that will be available in the near future.


Today’s Sunday Mail Bag letter comes from loyal Bucket Brigadier imsopopfly. This fan letter was sent in November of 2018, while we were still on Tumblr. Notes like these are dear to my heart. I really treasure that you have been following my adventures for so long. Thank you for your support, Brigadier!

Here are some things that will be coming soon to Gaming Thrones!

  • Shitter Submitter! You will be able to submit your own screenshots to Gaming Thrones.
  • Mailbag! Send a personal message directly to the author of this blog.
  • A Surprise!!
    • There will soon be a brand new interactive link on the lefthand nav bar that I’m eager to share with you, and that I hope each and every Bucket Brigadier will visit, when it is added to the site.

That’s all for now! As always, thank you for your readership.


We’ve Migrated Away from Tumblr!

A combination of Tumblr’s codebase being limiting or difficult to work with, and their recent changes to their definition of censorship, has prompted this change. I think this will be a good change! We were getting too comfortable on Tumblr, anyway. “Fat as a buttered bishop,” as Osferth of Wessex would say. So now we have a new layout and banner, and some new features coming soon. Enjoy!!