World Toilet Day 2023!

I can’t believe it’s already here. Out of curiosity, which way do you hang your roll of hundos, with bills overtop or underneath? There’s no wrong way to flush those funds right over to the World Toilet Organization. You can donate through PayPal or via Give.Asia to secure your contribution toward dignity in sanitation for all people.

This year, the Gaming Thrones community has sent in a metric shit ton of beautiful gaming shitters and all together $250 in donations to the World Toilet Organization. I couldn’t be more proud. As a reminder to our readers, each brigadier-submitted screenshot is the equivalent of a $5 donation, and each Bucket Brigadier of the Year and annual Blue Bowl Award are $25 donations apiece. All told, this translates to a lot of gaming and an OVERFLOWING of caring from our community.

Collectively it amounts to a staggering 39 shitters and those are just the ones I had time to post. I HAVE MORE just waiting to be shared but you gotta understand I’m just one person and (as hard as it may be to believe) this content require quite a lot of delicate planning and coordination. When I could have been hunting shitters, here I’ve been writing R code and doing something “productive”, like a chump! Ew! Only a few more weeks of actual HELL and I promise more shitters are on their way. Please look forward to it!

It’s almost here!

Mark your cal- What am I saying? Surely your calendars are already marked for November 19, World Toilet Day 2022! In previous years, we have joined forces with Omninuts and his Nutsack community, as well as held separate fundraising exercises via third-party fundraising websites, to collectively raise over $1000 for our beloved World Toilet Organization! This year, it’s time for something a little different and Gaming Thrones will be making a donation on behalf of the Bucket Brigade. I hope you will all join me in celebrating this joyous day by participating in the World Toilet Summit, this year taking place in Abuja, Nigeria.

Here’s a little about one of their latest projects, SaniShop Mozambique:

Mozambique is in the top 10 countries in the world in terms of number of people defecating in the open. In addition there is huge inequality in access to sanitation. Nationally only 19 percent have access to improved sanitation, and in rural areas only around 6 percent of the population have improved sanitation. Open defecation rates nationally are around 40 percent, but among the rural poor – it’s 96%!

From 2014-2017, SaniShop Mozambique will be developed in the peri-urban areas of Maputo City. This project is being undertaken in collaboration with Mozambique-based NGO ESTAMOS, ACRA-CCS, and funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2014, WTO worked with our partners eKutir, along with ACRA-CCS to train our NGO partner in Mozambique ESTAMOS for the setting up of SaniShop, including two site visits to the project in Maputo.

These are the kind of efforts that you help support when you donate just one dollar to the World Toilet Organization. Gaming Thrones pledges $5 for each and every Bucket Brigadier submission which is donated on World Toilet Day - November 19! I hope to see YOU at the World Toilet Summit! You can register for a virtual ticket at the World Toilet Org website!

Seal of approval!

Check out these lovely World Toilet Day Collector’s Stamps available from the United Nations. You can get whole sheets or a set of three unique stamps for around $5. Each stamp emphasizes a different aspect of the importance of a toilet: Fostering a healthy ecosystem, preventing disease, and keeping under-represented demographics in school! Yes, I will be framing this in my bathroom!

Our Campaign has Begun!

As promised, our campaign for World Toilet 2021 has commenced and it kicks off with a donation that represents all the Shitter Submissions from our Bucket Brigade during the last year. This will continue until World Toilet Day on November 19, so please consider joining us by clicking our campaign link and making a donation of $1! This would mean a lot not only to me but to the entire world to receive your generous donation toward this extremely worthy cause.

I’m very excited and honored to be taking this journey with you toward a better tomorrow, full of healthy and responsible sanitation for everyone!

World Toilet Day 2021 is almost here!

This image is kind of old, but if you follow the link below you’ll see that even more progress has been made since 2017!

As you all know, World Toilet Day occurs on November 19 each and every year. This year, to celebrate World Toilet Day, we’re doing something a little different at Gaming Thrones. If you remember, in 2020, with the help of OmniNut and the Nut Sack crew, we raised an incredible S$901 for the World Toilet Organization via WorldToilet.Give.Asia. This year, due to the fact that my coursework has kept me from playing any games myself, I’ve relied almost entirely on the Bucket Brigadiers for contributions of screenshots from their own gameplays. So, this year, I’m going to be offering a personal donation based on the number of Bucket Brigadier submissions. That will be calculated and donated a little ahead of November 19, and for the purposes of transparency I will share the URL, and if you feel so inclined, please consider making a $1 donation as well via that link. Your donations would make a world of difference to people who need a bathroom urgently!

WTO World Toilet Day Charity Drive was a Complete Success!

We did it, brigade! Thanks to bucket brigadier Omninuts and his Nutsack community on Twitch, we not only met our goal of $400 (Singapore), we blasted right past it! As of this morning, our campaign has raised $729 - and it’s not even over! We still have until November 18 at midnight to raise as much as possible for the World Toilet Organization. The incredible success of this campaign has brought new light to my heart and I am more determined than ever to bring you top notch gaming shitters. So I have decided that for every Bucket Brigade submission of a new shitter, I will donate five dollars to this cause. It is going to really add up and I’m very excited to post a new shitter submission link on the page. This submitter will be available shortly. Check it out and send those shitters.

November 19 is World Toilet Day 2020!

Every year on November 19, the World Toilet Organization celebrates their victories, outlines new goals, and presents their plea to the world at large for donations to their incredible charity effort to bring safe and clean toilets to underserved communities. Just some of their projects this year included waterless composting toilets in Xi`an City, China! The WTO also expanded their Rainbow School Toilet Program in China. You can read their Annual Report from 2019 here, and please look forward to their updated 2020 Annual Report in the coming days.

Bucket Brigade, this year we are doing something special for our friends at the World Toilet Organization. The Gaming Thrones community is seeking to raise $400 (Singapore) before World Toilet Day - November 19 - to add to the WTO yearly goal! Whether you are a veteran brigadier, or if you wish to join the ranks as a new member: Please consider being part of our charity drive by making a secure PayPal donation via our Campaign Link! You can give any amount - even a donation of $5 will help us reach our goal. What might seem like a drop in the bucket can add up significantly! You’ll be a part of making a world of difference for a person you may never meet, but who will thank you multiple times daily. Additionally, myself, and the WTO at large will sincerely thank you for your contribution. To ensure the funds get to the destination before World Toilet Day, the fundraising will close on November 18, 2020 at midnight.

Who Gives A Crap

From Melbourne Australia, the Who Gives A Crap company makes toilet paper and facial tissue from 100% recycled materials and/or 100% bamboo. What’s so remarkable about that, I can hear you asking? They also donate 50% of profits to sanitation charity efforts like WASH, SHOFCO, and WaterAid. Earlier this year, Who Gives A Crap donated $4 MILLION to their charity partners. That money goes to build toilets and improve sanitation services for the over TWO BILLION people on the planet without access to a decent shitter. Check out their Talking Crap blog for more information about their charity work.

This toilet paper looks pretty fucking great and I really want to get myself a box of the Play Edition. Themed like a toy box, the paper wrappers are cheerfully designed, and the packaging (which is both sustainably-sourced and recyclable) makes a fun and useful object even after it’s empty.

Everybody poops and as long as you’re buying toilet paper, you may as well help build toilets for your fellow man by investing in a company that’s doing the hard work for us: Honorary Bucket Brigadiers, Who Gives A Crap TP!

We are officially friends!

We are so thrilled and so proud to announce that the World Toilet Organization has given this incredible Certificate of Friendship to Gaming Thrones. A beautiful plaque which I am proud to hang on my wall. The design is in a handsome and stylish toilet bowl blue, and signed by my hero Jack Sim, so I actually have his autograph now.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that during this time of global awareness around COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, proper sanitation is of paramount importance. The necessity is poignant that all people have access to this basic human right - a safe and clean toilet. And because I know that my Bucket Brigade is as equally passionate about toilets, I am asking you to please celebrate Friendship Day with us by navigating to the World Toilet Organization to make a secure donation of $5. You can donate with PayPal, and there’s even a recurring payment option. For the price of a coffee, we can make a difference.

Thank you for celebrating Friendship Day, July 25, along with me and Jack Sim!

Thank You from WTO!

A very nice thank-you we received from the World Toilet Organization. I like how I just put “we”, as if this blog is anyone else but one toilet-obsessed person.