World Toilet Day 2023!

I can’t believe it’s already here. Out of curiosity, which way do you hang your roll of hundos, with bills overtop or underneath? There’s no wrong way to flush those funds right over to the World Toilet Organization. You can donate through PayPal or via Give.Asia to secure your contribution toward dignity in sanitation for all people.

This year, the Gaming Thrones community has sent in a metric shit ton of beautiful gaming shitters and all together $250 in donations to the World Toilet Organization. I couldn’t be more proud. As a reminder to our readers, each brigadier-submitted screenshot is the equivalent of a $5 donation, and each Bucket Brigadier of the Year and annual Blue Bowl Award are $25 donations apiece. All told, this translates to a lot of gaming and an OVERFLOWING of caring from our community.

Collectively it amounts to a staggering 39 shitters and those are just the ones I had time to post. I HAVE MORE just waiting to be shared but you gotta understand I’m just one person and (as hard as it may be to believe) this content require quite a lot of delicate planning and coordination. When I could have been hunting shitters, here I’ve been writing R code and doing something “productive”, like a chump! Ew! Only a few more weeks of actual HELL and I promise more shitters are on their way. Please look forward to it!