Personal shitter of Cineon (the Fashionista!)

Do you love this alt-textured, expertly-clipped, HIGH ART shitter? This one was submitted by Bucket Brigadier Omni and it was created by someone he knows named The Fashionista Cineon. The mood in this bathroom is everything. The rainbow prism suncatcher, scattering beauty across the walls and floor. The air-scrubbing, friendly plants hanging in the sun that simply pours in through the windows. That Hollywood-grade vanity sparks joy with its clutter-free surface, lit from above by a gentle green Fae lamp! And the tile is actually my favorite flooring in the game. This bathroom is giving me face, body and face!

Let’s talk about the shitter itself, which I believe is an Alpine chair with some kind of pedestal clipped into it. So exceptional. There aren’t any actual shitters in Final Fantasy XIV, which is kind of strange, given Japan’s notoriously positive Toilet Culture. So it’s up to intrepid designers like Cineon to craft them from the raw materials they find in the wild. Well done, Fashionista!


Apocalyptic Variety Shit Show!

I hope you like the design of this collage, brought to us by Bucket Brigadier Alec! These shitters come from three different locations in Fallout: New Vegas, with the following commentary: “The first one is from the Lucky 38’s Presidential Suite. The second one is from a casino, and everyone got murdered in the casino and that’s all I know about it. That last one is the Crimson Caravan Company.” I’m sorry, I just have to jump in here and ask how freaking presidential is that first shitter?? Am I right or am I right? YES, give me all the slate-gray, high-traffic, low-pile, airport-quality, wall-to-wall CARPET in my bathroom, Mr. President!

Thank you for your submission Alec! Every submission represents a donation to the 2021 World Toilet Day!.


Mood-Altering Shitters!

Did you know that shitters can actually produce reality-bending effects on the mind?? This postulate is certainly implied by what we see here. These shitters are from The Sims and you can see the effects of the shitters’ psychedelic, strange auras on the very impressionable AIs. In the first place, we see a Happy Child - now, she could be happy because of the beautiful shitter, or is she happy because of the Neighborhood Brawl? Second observe, the Very Sad Woman - Why is she sad? The shitter is different, but the Neighborhood Brawl is the same. So, her warped mindset must be owed to the otherworldly aura of the shitter! Lastly, we see the maddening effect that multiple types of shitters have on the little people, as the third woman paces, gesticulates, and mutters to herself. This is likely due to the dramatic variations in shitters present! The power of the shitter is something we truly have yet begun to unravel.

These shitters were presented by Bucket Brigadier Emrysin!


Sentient Toilet Roll!

This sentient toilet paper roll was submitted by Bucket Brigadier Fongaboo! It appears in the award-winning reality sim game, Everything, where you can attain sentience as basically any object, including the Most RolyPoly Holy Toilet Roll! This is the ultimate form, by the way. He won the game.


Our Campaign has Begun!

As promised, our campaign for World Toilet 2021 has commenced and it kicks off with a donation that represents all the Shitter Submissions from our Bucket Brigade during the last year. This will continue until World Toilet Day on November 19, so please consider joining us by clicking our campaign link and making a donation of $1! This would mean a lot not only to me but to the entire world to receive your generous donation toward this extremely worthy cause.

I’m very excited and honored to be taking this journey with you toward a better tomorrow, full of healthy and responsible sanitation for everyone!


World Toilet Day 2021 is almost here!

This image is kind of old, but if you follow the link below you’ll see that even more progress has been made since 2017!

As you all know, World Toilet Day occurs on November 19 each and every year. This year, to celebrate World Toilet Day, we’re doing something a little different at Gaming Thrones. If you remember, in 2020, with the help of OmniNut and the Nut Sack crew, we raised an incredible S$901 for the World Toilet Organization via WorldToilet.Give.Asia. This year, due to the fact that my coursework has kept me from playing any games myself, I’ve relied almost entirely on the Bucket Brigadiers for contributions of screenshots from their own gameplays. So, this year, I’m going to be offering a personal donation based on the number of Bucket Brigadier submissions. That will be calculated and donated a little ahead of November 19, and for the purposes of transparency I will share the URL, and if you feel so inclined, please consider making a $1 donation as well via that link. Your donations would make a world of difference to people who need a bathroom urgently!


Flawless Steel Stall!

Pristine. Gorgeous. Unblemished by viscera. These are the terms which percolate into my mind’s eye as I gaze up on this veritable buddha of a shitter, present in the horror survival game Alien: Isolation! I’m just imagining the telltale clacking of Xenomorph claws and tail whippin’ around in this cubicle as you scramble to wriggle out of Death’s way. This is definitely a pre-death cubicle. Good thing the surface is so easy to wipe clean. So, no door? Or that door is held open by the helpful “slippery surface” board (as in, Caution: Slipping hazard is the worst of your worries in this area, trust me!). This image has been gifted unto our eyeballs by the prolific Bucket Brigadier ILikeSocks, who adds the following:

“I had to crop the image like crazy. This is right at the start on the space truck while you’re walking around in your underwear (they’re stylish). You’re Ripley’s daughter Amanda, who’s going to a station that has the Nostromo flight recorder. There’s a xenomorph onboard the station and everything’s already fallen apart when you get there. It’s pretty good so far. It actually has pacing and atmosphere, unlike 90% of other horror games. I haven’t found ol’ penis-head yet, but it’s gotten me to jump a few times.”

Well, at least you have this, which looks to be the perfect place to shit yourself as you fruitlessly beg your indifferent Overgod to see fit to spare your wittle life. Do you think the Xenomorph is religious enough to be truly thankful as it makes you its meal?