Hornwright Saferoom shitter!

If you play through the Wastelanders quest line, you’ll find a ghoul scientist down here in the Hornwright Saferoom testing the programs of the Motherlode (a high-powered AI deep drill that shits out chunks of metal ore). The scientist, Penelope Hornwright, was once the top graduate at Vault-Tec University. Now that she’s a ghoul, she has tons of time to pursue her passion for technology, and do sciency things in the deeper crevices of the wasteland. This portion of the zone showcases her powder room, reminiscent of the shitter at Agatha’s house from Fallout 3. If Penelope herself wasn’t in the room as you explore it, you’d still know right away that this is lady’s crapper. It’s remarkable that this area, which exists only for the player to have a conversation with Penelope, has enough aesthetic presence to house a shitter. It rests on a raised platform, with privacy screens practically growing out of the base, causing one to ask from whom does Penelope seek privacy? It wasn’t exactly easy to get here. Gaining the access keycard to this room took me a little minute, and by that I mean hours, and veritable bandoliers of ammo, so when I saw this elegant shit I realized I was sharing company with a real mademoiselle.