Shelter shitter!

Here’s a shitter from Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered submitted by bucket brigadier Rockin T! Ok, it’s not a shitter, it’s the cruel ILLUSION of a shitter; you can’t even go in to see it. “Sadly we cannot enter this bathroom. It’s at a homeless shelter Peter’s Aunt May runs. And honestly the plot rn is sorta like all over the place like it’s not very cohesive, but basically you put this big hotshot villain Kingpin in prison and a ton of smaller criminals are coming out of the woodwork to get control of New York. In particular this group of “Demons” and assorted thugs. So far, the shelter has been relatively important.” A shitter is a really important component to a shelter, Marvel! Show us the pipes! We wanna see human dignity! Actually, wouldn’t it be so fucking bonkers if Aunt May’s shelter didn’t even have a shitter? Like that door’s just painted on? Next-level villain shit!