Happy New Year 2022, Everyone!

Now that final exams are over, I can truly make a relieving dump of all the game toilets that I have squirreled away throughout the semester. This is just a quick update to let you know that in the coming weeks you will be seeing more shitters, our Blue Bowl Awards for 2021’s best shitter, and the Bucket Brigadier of the Year 2021 - Who will it be? And why? Please look forward to it!

Personal shitter of Cineon (the Fashionista!)

Do you love this alt-textured, expertly-clipped, HIGH ART shitter? This one was submitted by Bucket Brigadier Omni and it was created by someone he knows named The Fashionista Cineon. The mood in this bathroom is everything. The rainbow prism suncatcher, scattering beauty across the walls and floor. The air-scrubbing, friendly plants hanging in the sun that simply pours in through the windows. That Hollywood-grade vanity sparks joy with its clutter-free surface, lit from above by a gentle green Fae lamp! And the tile is actually my favorite flooring in the game. This bathroom is giving me face, body and face!

Let’s talk about the shitter itself, which I believe is an Alpine chair with some kind of pedestal clipped into it. So exceptional. There aren’t any actual shitters in Final Fantasy XIV, which is kind of strange, given Japan’s notoriously positive Toilet Culture. So it’s up to intrepid designers like Cineon to craft them from the raw materials they find in the wild. Well done, Fashionista!

It’s time for the 2020 Blue Bowl Awards!

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we have to work hard to build the world we want. As such, the Gaming Thrones Blue Bowl Committee (it’s me) has unanimously recognized this phenomenal shitter, hand-crafted by Final Fantasy XIV player Ashen Bride, as 2020’s first place winner!

Clever and introspective, charming in every way. This design is coating my eyeballs in “home-sweet-home” energy! The shitter itself is made of at least four different furniture pieces, masterfully clipped together. The utility of the room is modern and efficient, with a stacking washer-dryer combo, complete with upper cabinetry, and a tiled shower stall. But the details are what complete this award-worthy shitter: Wainscotting along the rear wall, an empty baguette basket as a wastepaper basket, the little shelf items, and plenty of “natural” lighting. So much careful consideration has gone into this fantastic design!

Let’s all be like Ashen Bride, and craft a beautiful world for ourselves and each other. Happy New Year! It’s going to take work, it is my ardent prayer that in 2021, we attain everything we yearn for: The security and comfort of a well-appointed, custom-decorated shitter!

This shitter was submitted to me by Bucket Brigadier Solo Espresso, so $5 will be donated by Gaming Thrones to the World Toilet Organization. Thank you for your submission, brigadier!

FFXIV’s Mandragora Toilet!

Brought to you by honorary Bucket Brigadier Ashley! It is the dawn of a new era, Brigade. The porcelain ceiling is about to be smashed! Ashley’s mandragora toilet is a finalist in FFXIV’s furnishing design contest for 2019. The vision here is exceptional. A mandragora peeping at you when the lid is left up is the perfect reminder. I only hope the leaves on top have a sparkle effect, and hopefully, a flush sound. If this thing wins, FFXIV would finally boast, among the throngs of bookshelves and teapots, the most essential housing furnishing ever. What could be next? Think of the possibilities. Gerolt’s Forge shitter. Rowena’s Cultural Appropriation shitter. There even could be one for each Primal. A Shitter of Crags! Rngsus bless this designer. Best of luck for a win, Ashley. I want a fleet of these in my Free Company mansion.

Amh Araeng Mining Camp shitter…..?

Here’s a place in Amh Araeng that will leave you asking “…Is it?” Near a mining camp called Nuvy’s Leavings, you’ll find a strange building resembling an outhouse. If you smash your camera into the door frame, you can see that there is nothing inside except some grass that clips through the raised floorboards. The unusual door on this itty bitty outbuilding begs the question. It’s clearly designed to allow for visual inspection of feet beneath the door, which suggests the building is an outhouse. But if it is, it is the first such structure of its kind in Final Fantasy 14.

Yoshi P Toilet Mount Confirmed

When asked by fans, FFXIV Producer Naoki Yoshida stated his Primal Mount would be “Toilet.”