Independent Adult Ladies shitter!

After you broke up with Darren, took a great big long-jump backwards and boo-hooed an entire year of your life away by moving back in with your MOM, you end up living at this apartment that is only slightly less shitty than when you lived with the Dungeoneers. By the way there was no shitter at your mom’s place, otherwise I would have taken a picture of it. But this level is 2013, when you still have way too much shit. It seems you picked up a few bad habits from your 2007 days. Like a TON of action figures and DVDs.

Especially in the bathroom. So full disclosure, this image is actually from the 2015 level which is the same location as the 2013 level except someone new is living here with you. The shitter itself is very nice. It has that “independent woman in the city” personality. But outside of this, what the fuck. Is this the Brooklyn branch of the Shampoo & Conditioning Library? Yes, I’d like to blow my nose with tissues that were stored on the back of the toilet, I’m going to SCREAM. I don’t know why anyone would waste the precious real estate of that sink counter with all that stuff and there’s just a hundred thousand menstrual products taking up the bottom shelf. Every drawer is packed full of things. There’s definitely better ways to organize this life but hey, can’t argue with a Gold Star. Don’t get me wrong, this game is very fun. But boy oh boy, the muscle I use for judging disorganized, cluttered people got a damn workout playing it.