Heteronormative shitter!

In 2010 you’re living with a total drag who I have named “Darren” who is obsessed with gunmetal gray and has made no room for you in his life. Why did you move in with Darren? Oh, right you got tired of playing Dungeons & Dragons and decided you’d like to play Diminished & Depressed. I hate everything about this bathroom and mostly because of Darren’s stupid stuff. You’re basically brushing your teeth with poop when you leave your toothbrushes out on the sink like this. I thought you morons had college degrees? In fact most of this stuff should not be just out in the open storage like that, including the shaving brush, the ‘clean’ towels, the spare TP, the electric razor, by the way you know you could put a lidded box under the sink with all that stuff and keep it safe? There could even be one for each of you, wouldn’t that be nice? The people have a HUGE closet where these extra towels could go, by the way. But no, Darren’s shoes NEED to be on a shelf otherwise they get their feelings hurt! There is zero reason to be leaving perfume and cologne in a room that has extreme temperature changes. And there’s just too much stuff in general. I don’t get it. I DO NOT GET IT!!! Like again with the naked soap bar. TWO OF THEM!!!! You don’t need that, you don’t need all that shit in the shower. Why does she have FOUR body soaps. You do not need a first aid kit on the shelf in arm’s reach at all times. I bet you CASH that if these people cleaned this room more frequently they would not need that horrible air freshener that is toxic as HELL and a nightmare to recycle. There’s even more stuff in that little drawer! And this is where this shit is supposed to go, look, I got a gold star for arranging it all in this way!