University Suite shitter!

This is the shitter you get in 2004 when you leave home and move into a suite of fools at the University. I chose to take a picture of it like this because this is how I would have it look if I lived there. But because this is Unpacking, the most relaxing and absolutely chill way to wait around for a Zoom-based webinar to get to the fucking point in the history of mankind, ALAS, you must festoon this otherwise perfect shrine with knick-knacks and sundries. There’s a bunch of random shit you have to stick around various rooms and sometimes it’s your own space, and other times it’s a situation where you’re sharing a spot with other people. This is the first level where you get to see a bathroom. Apparently you’re sharing this dorm space with other people so it’s hardly ideal. Storing your toothbrush on the sink surround, I could never. Ew. No, you’d never find me leaving my belongings laying around a shared bathroom. Sorry, dorms are notoriously pest-ridden and I also have no reason to trust you idiots who are probably going to fail out after months of stumbling around in a hungover haze and using my hair comb for god knows what.