The shitter within!

Courtesy of Bucket Brigadier ILikeSocks: “Pacific Drive. You’re trapped in the Olympic Exclusion Zone located in the Pacific Northwest. It’s sort of a paranatural Chernobyl where some shit clearly went wrong and everything’s abandoned, full of anomalies and monster things. You need to manage your PoS car to cross the zone and escape. Your car even develops anomalies if you’re out too long. Turning my steering wheel causes the headlights to turn off and it takes place like 90% at night. The car becomes self-aware. Now everytime I get in and out of my car it opens my left door. It slammed the trunk door down on my head and caused damage. Anyway.. I’m not sure why there’s an outhouse INSIDE the building… 100% there is no indoor plumbing on this one so that little gas station cabin thing must STINK.”

The graphics in Pacific Drive have a distinctive flair similar to The Long Dark, which is also a post-apocalyptic exploring game. Do the shitters in Pacific Drive become self-aware like the car? And do they need therapy when it happens?