WANTED - Chapter 31 Shitter

CALLING ALL COMMODE VIGILANTES.. In Heavy Rain Chapter 31, you are presented with a challenge from a folded paper shark figurine to take a human life. You (being the shark, I presume) swarm boldly to enforce savage justice a bottom-tier apartment-dwelling drug dealer who is probably peddling Adderall or some shit, along with his HIGH STAKES BOUNTY SHITTER (who is a HOSTAGE in this crime web!). When I played this game, I was unable to get the screenshot while simultaneously executing the quicktime movements and I really don’t feel like playing this game again so it’s up to YOU, BRIGADE. If you can get me this screenshot I’ll donate $15 to the selected sanitation charity of 2024 - that’s three times the normal amount for a Shitter Submitter! This shitter is as yet STILL IN CAPTIVITY and needs your help!