Death of the Outsider’s endless array of beautiful shitters!

Gorgeous and breathtaking, mesmerizing in their artistry, no two are the same. These snowflake shitters are presented for you in gallery format because it’s been pre-pandemic since I took these screenshots (the backlog is extensive) and I do not remember where each of these places were. I know at least one of them was a bloodfly-infested basement, does that help? The lighting, colors, shadows, atmosphere is everything, everything, everything and makes my eyeballs go yoy-oy-oy! Death of the Outsider is a terrific DLC if you loved Dishonored and just wanted a little more. For the chaotic good stealth archer who hunts shitters (me), Dishonored was as close to God as we were gonna get and it’s been far too long since a game quite like this came out. Enjoy the greatness!