Time-Traveling shitter from Outer Space!

At the Nishina Research Station on Freya III you’ll encounter some fucky dimensional folds that you must navigate in order to save many lives and right many wrongs. Idk, was it really wrong? That’s up to you to decide, but if you ask me, humanoids shouldn’t be just parasitizing every flat surface they come across in the universe but hey, that’s our fucking way. In spite of the ethical quandary of humans not belonging here to begin with, Entangled is one of the better quests and not least of all because you get to see this poor little shitter get a glow up. To accomplish this, you have to blip through aforementioned fucky folds (the glittery wispy thing in the hover image). By traveling to and fro through these circumstantial doggy doors, you can save everyone and get another crew member if you do it correctly but that’s sort of incidental compared to rescuing this little bowl from anaerobic hell.