New Homestead shitter!

On Saturn’s moon Titan, beneath the frozen lifeless surface, a humble homestead appears to barely cling to dignity. The settlement tour guide nervously chuckled before providing the following hushed admonition: “Some people actually live here, so try to be respectful of that.” Here’s where we can see a fair few of these meager crannies where people are bunking, and in one I found a book entitled Charity in a Godless World. Indeed, it certainly seems as though this is one of those places where people just insist on building in spite of all indications that the biome cannot support human life. But appearances are deceiving. Because LOOK at these shitters. In solid hammered copper with ergonomic backrests, I’m pretty sure these are over $4000 each from the Modo Bath catalogue. Derelicte!!!! The FEMA shipping container aesthetic with a Vault-Tec aroma. There is also a public bathroom, but why would you want to use something so plastic and economical when you have a personalized and naturally anti-bacterial version for your very own, luxurious ass?