Office Building shitter!

Featuring guest commentator Rockin’ T!

“This bathroom from Deus Ex: Humana Revolution is in a sort of office building. The protagonist is a cyborg guy and he’s head of security (I think), and some researchers there have been kidnapped. N you have to go like save them. But you can take a detour and go walk around and the bathrooms! And other rooms. HOWEVER (and they don’t tell you this) there is a secret time limit where if you take too long the hostages will be killed. So when I was first walking around I was taking my time, talking to ppl n exploring and came to this bathroom (to get the picture), and then boss guy who told you abt the hostages calls you and is like, “Dude wtf?? What’s taking so long?” And that call made me nervous. So I googled if there was a time limit, and yes there was. Apparently none of the other levels are like this, just the very first one. I DID make sure I went and talked to this one dude who was shittalking me. I was like, I’m gonna say smth, hostages be damned. But they were fine.”

This sounds like some original Die Hard shit! How nefarious and devious of them to try to distract you from something amazing like this shitter with threat to human life. Little do they know that neglect of shitter is in itself a threat to human life! Never neglect your shitter, always take whatever time you need to appreciate your shitter.