Liam’s Tavern!

This is more like a repurposed bathroom, because nobody here is using it as it was originally intended. I can’t say I recommend this as a practice at all, because imagine if a person actually needed the bathroom??

The gay Bara RPG Robin Morningwood Adventure is full of gargantuan jiggly cartoon men with barrel chests and in between the weird fetch quests the goal is to fetch some dick anywhere and everywhere you can. This location is a bar, it’s got bars on the window too, censor bars on those asses (which you can remove to reveal the bowling ball backsides of these gents if you hover over the image). It’s naughty. Peek through the Togetherness Hole to see something that makes all three of the stalls occupied at once. Every part of this bathroom is occupied. And it needs a doorframe wide enough to fit an piano through because of the shoulder measurements on every dude in this village. In real life, don’t do any of this in a bathroom. Let the shitters do their jobs.

This shitter submission is from bucket brigadier Emrysin!