Keet’s Bar shitter!

Get your purple nitrile gloves and your ACE bandages because it’s party time! In this scene from Back 4 Blood you will use a bar’s jukebox as bait for a hillbilly rock-hating, phonophobic wave of zombies. This wave has the population size of a small city, and they will (ideally) attack the source of the music instead of attacking you. From there it’s spray and pray. It’s the same idea behind Fallout 76’s timed event “One Violent Night”, and I’m sure a ton of other games too. There’s no door! There isn’t even any hardware on the frame to indicate that there were intentions for a future door. This room doubles as a storage nook for bottled water and office supplies. Zero respect is given to this shitter, yet it maintains a quiet dignity.

Special thanks to bucket brigadier Emrysin for pausing between the splatter to secure this screenshot.