Some High Class Shit!

The investigation into the Origami Killer takes our detectives to the Kramer mansion where a super fun party is taking place. I’ll let you in on a little secret: The party sucks balls, it’s just a bunch of skinny Sims extras doing the Sims Party Dance and many are wearing digital clockface belt buckles that flash the word “COOL” because I guess people have a hard time knowing when and where this party is actually being cool. This festive banquet of amusement is so exclusive that goons are standing guard at the base of the driveway, in the rain, ensuring only COOL people enter. So naturally when an obviously cool guy like Detective Scott Shelby waddles up to the gate in his trenchcoat, presenting his cardboard invitation, they let him right in. He looks like somebody’s dad and he’s Party Cyanide but nobody seems to notice. Lauren Winter begs you to let her slouch in with you because she is such a GREAT DETECTIVE and has a real sixth sense about PEOPLE, but once she’s here she cries about how loud it is and isn’t having any fun, so you are left to explore by yourself.

Well, Detective Shelby is on the case and the first thing I did was locate the shitter. This is the best shitter these avant riche fools could drum up? It looks like it belongs off the reception area of an acupuncturist’s office. I hate concrete sinks to begin with, but this one is also visibly dirty. Raw brass fixtures and shitty Pier 1 fingerpaints. Gag. That MIGHT be Travertine flooring, but the hideous bare bulb vanity surround does not exactly highlight this room’s best features, if it had some. Explain to me why no one could restock either one of these tp rolls, which I would like to point out are chain bolted to the wall. No, everything is wrong. Torch it and start over.

Faintly interesting fact about Heavy Rain: In this scene, you’ll create a diversion with a drunk dude you call “friend” to get past the meatnecks guarding the way upstairs. You do the very same thing at the Thalmor Embassy during the main quest in Skyrim - a game that was released nearly a year later than Heavy Rain.