Base Camp shitter!

From bucket brigadier Emrysin here’s a classic blue sentinel potty stall that squats in the base camp of the apocalypse survival game Back 4 Blood. Now in most zombie apocalypse games you don’t get a lot of time to spend on the actual toilet. Because toilet time is all about repose and serenity, and there is none of that while the world is ending. This game has the foresight to put a shitter right in the camp so at least you have a little time to yourself before you go on missions, and to be clear these missions are not the creeping n’ sniping sort of missions. These are more the ‘mow your way through absurd undead population density.’ You’re like a bug zapper light in this game. Endless splatter. You can’t open the door, but mouse over the image if you want a closer look at that helpful handmade sign.