Murder hole shitter!

From our 2021 Bucket Brigadier of the Year Emrysin, this rare-ass shitter is from Dragon’s Dogma and it was just in a hallway with no door or anything. So this beautiful example of medieval engineering is not only a shitter, but it is also a siege weapon. Note the arrow hole in the wall: This is very wise placement. The first spot you might think of shitting yourself while you hide from a barbarian onslaught might very well be right at the toilet, but Dragon’s Dogma already thought of that and gave you the resources you need to defend the fortress. Pew pew while you poo poo or whatever. And they’re gonna do you one better because I’ll wager (can’t say for certain because there’s no way to angle the camera down) if there’s an arrow hole in the crapper then the shitter itself is a murder hole so you can rain down holy hell on the invaders below. Unleash a bioweapon of unmitigated scorn. It just makes sense.