Horrible Crime Against Humanity shitter!

IDEK what to call this bullshit. Let me set the stage for you here. Bradley Costigan was an “inside choom” at a Militech prison, but he decided he’s not into that choomery anymore and the Tyger Claws didn’t like hearing that. Unfortunately for his wife Lauren, that means she gets kidnapped and thrown into this absolute fucking travesty of a holding cell, and I have just one question - Where? Is? The Shitter? Taki Kazo, the United Nations wants to have a word with you because as the boss of this little band of criminally-violent street urchins, you are responsible for this shit!

Lauren is basically non-responsive when I find her in a filthy mess of cardboard and graffiti, but she perks right up when heroically rescued from this condemned concrete pit. Incredible how that works. I did this one as a stealth mission, but trust me when I say as soon as I completed it, I went back through here and taught each one of these Tyger Claw idiots a lesson in human decency.