Aldecaldos Camp shitter!

Even in the barren wastes of the Badlands, you can find beauty. This shitter is something special. It’s located in the Aldecaldos camp where squats Panam Palmer’s misfit family. This shitter is an example of how a little ingenuity and know-how can be the difference between living the high life and merely surviving. I’ll leave it to you to determine which one is happening here.

Notice the platform of plastic palettes that lift the shitters about 6 inches from the ground. This is an important step to constructing an outdoor shitter, because the scorpions, sand fleas, crickets, cockroaches, and other icky crawlers have a harder time getting near where you place your ass. Regardless, you’re gonna wanna lift and slam down that seat lid at least once before sitting, just in case. The spray left on the unit surfaces is a nice touch. The plastic curtain is okay, I guess, it at least gives the illusion of privacy and it’s better than anything opaque since you never know what kind of scum is lurking around taking pictures in the toilets. I’m going to guess the cartons are for holding various shitter sundries such as more pest control measures and toilet paper. The magazine on the ground is a No. That’s just more fuel for pests to use for nesting material, or to hide under. But let’s cut these folks some slack. At least they set this up, and that’s more than most would do in this situation. That’s saying a lot considering the average Aldecaldo education extends as far as “driving stick.”