Mood-Altering Shitters!

Did you know that shitters can actually produce reality-bending effects on the mind?? This postulate is certainly implied by what we see here. These shitters are from The Sims and you can see the effects of the shitters’ psychedelic, strange auras on the very impressionable AIs. In the first place, we see a Happy Child - now, she could be happy because of the beautiful shitter, or is she happy because of the Neighborhood Brawl? Second observe, the Very Sad Woman - Why is she sad? The shitter is different, but the Neighborhood Brawl is the same. So, her warped mindset must be owed to the otherworldly aura of the shitter! Lastly, we see the maddening effect that multiple types of shitters have on the little people, as the third woman paces, gesticulates, and mutters to herself. This is likely due to the dramatic variations in shitters present! The power of the shitter is something we truly have yet begun to unravel.

These shitters were presented by Bucket Brigadier Emrysin!