Frostflow Lighthouse shitters!

What’s sad, Brigade? I mean what’s really, really sad. How about a family of Redguards dying at the hands of eyeless, cannibal ghouls in an icy prison at the edge of the world? If that was your guess, go ahead and pat yourself on the back because baby, you earned it.

Yes, I’m playing Skyrim again. Why? Because I feel like it, okay! And also, I realized that Elder Scrolls VI is coming out pretty “soon” and I haven’t gotten all the achievements yet on the Legendary edition. So here we are. But it’s a good thing, because BEHOLD! Frostflow Lighthouse has a couple of chamber pots in the living quarters. When you stumble onto this scene of carnage in the middle of the frosty armpit of the world, it’s very messy, and there’s locked doors and mysterious mystery. Fortunately, they left behind a lot of diaries and notes that really spell it out for you. Ramati and Habd bought this lighthouse for their family home, and although their children hated it and one was even fixing to run away, they tried to make a life here. But then that life was met by terrible Death! Who could have done this? And what is the strange clicking sound coming from the basement? Speaking of which, if you want to get into said basement you will need to find the key, hidden in “Mother’s Favorite Keepsake.” Happens to be a burial urn. Fuck’s sake, Ma.

After stepping ginglerly over cracked femurs and shimmying down a thrilling ice chute slip-n-slide, locating the party responsible, and destroying it, you get a chance to recover Habd’s remains and do the decent thing by giving him a proper burial. In return, you’ll receive a nice buff to your Restoration skills.