The Witness: Alternate Ending shitter!

This game came out in 2016 and it’s still easily one of the best, most relaxing brain teasers available. As you may know, in the very first zone there’s an archway that presents as a puzzle and if you complete it, you get to see the game credits. It meanders and leads you to this alternate ending where you see one of the game creators waking up from a VR sleep, connected to a piss bottle. I sadly didn’t get a shot of the piss bottle (you’re welcome). This bloke wanders around eating cookies and stuff and he also shows you where the bathroom is. So this is the only shitter in The Witness. You don’t get to see the inside, he just stands there caressing the sigil and then moves on, but it deserves to be documented regardless. It’s here in this hallway, take a right after the Christmas Tree and it’s just before you get to the lovely, ornamental, backyard, urban zen garden.