Hag shitter!

I wasn’t sure what to call this one because it’s just from a random map in Dead by Daylight. This rather tragic story is brought to us by bucket brigadier Emrysin who suffered horribly to get us this photograph. So at least try to stifle your horrified laughter as you take in this quite dramatic and heroic yarn:

“I said to my teammate, ‘We have to find the shitter.’ We ran by the house, I photographed the toilet, and I realize I should have made it more of a central focus of the photo, but as we are in the house I hear this noise and I think Oh whatever, it’s a noise, but then the killer found me. And I got the special kind of murder. In this match, the killer was The Hag and she - you can see her in the last photo - well, I’m bleeding out on the ground, and she has approached me and my teammate is there, and he is running away. As you can see. And you can see how I am being murdered. She sliced me and then she stuck her hand in and pulled out a thing and my teammate is there teabagging me before he runs away and this is what happened to me when I had to get that toilet. This is the fate that befell me.”