Whispering Depths shitter!

Submitted by bucket brigadier Emrysin! This is a secret clubhouse shitter. This cave, called the Whispering Depths, is hidden beneath a brew pub in a fucked-over/abandoned/ruined town which is now just called “Blighted Village”. Yes, once goblins get ahold of your town it just takes on this tainted moniker and you can forget about the picket fences and the bunting! This cavern is where a lot of spiders and desiccated corpses hang out, and they’ve been chilling here for a lot longer than the goblins. Trust. Turns out there’s a full-on Necromancer that’s been camping out in there as well, and this is where he would sometimes go to read and be alone. Similar to how a small child might claim a crawlspace, and maybe set up a beanbag, a tiny table, and some snacks and comics, the Necromancer has a little bunk here where he broods over his love of spiders, dark gemstones, and shadows. There are numerous diaries, lots of nondescript and dirty fabric, crumbling scrolls, unlabeled dusty bottles, and a SHITTER!!