Graham Grundy’s shitter!

Submitted by bucket brigadier Clay! Here’s the story as we learned from Clay:

“Graham Grundy is some dead guy you find outside the mega city, and you take his u-chip (which is like his identity in a chip). You go to his house because you’re trying to find these missing kids, and he’s somehow connected. His wife is there already being interviewed by a guy from the Ministry of Wellbeing, he’s asking about her missing husband and then you pretend to BE him… Anyway you wander around his house trying to learn more about him while she is distracting the guy, and this is his bathroom! Where he hung his employee of the month pic, lol.”

I guess a lot of people do take selfies in the bathroom and you know that selfie is gonna be a banger when you get that Employee of the Month pic in the background of it. Graham Grundy knew what was up. Watching the likes roll in on his selfies with that booster floating in the bg. Get it, Graham.