Driftwood’s Roadside Port-o-potties!

Here’s two shitters I found with our Bucket Brigadier of 2020, Azi! Look, there’s one for both of us.

I gotta say I don’t really understand these medieval shitters. If you take logic into consideration, they would likely be a seat atop an 8-foot-deep pit in the ground that gets covered up when it’s full. It’s gotta be used about 700 times a day, on the roadside like it is. If we’re honest, nobody is emptying this. So why did this township elect to place their shitter right here, 3 feet from the road? It really ought to be set further back from the main thoroughfare.

But anyway. This little blonde shit is named Pidge and he lives in the sad little town called Driftwood. Pidge for real just hangs out at the toilets and waits to talk to you about Ascension. I guess for a medieval child, there’s not a ton of fun to be had. He doesn’t even have a hoop to chase with a stick, and life is short and dark in Driftwood, so this is his calling in life. Damn, Divinity 2: Original Sin is tragic as fuck.