Europa Tent shitter!

Submitted by 2019 Bucket Brigadier of the Year, Khazya! Now here’s an example of “don’t judge a game by it’s initial lack of shitters,” brigade. I tried Destiny 2 a little over a year ago. After scouring the starter zone for any evidence of a shitter - and finding none - I decided No shitters? NO LOVE. But I was wrong, brigade.

This crapper can be found on Europa, behind a fully transparent surround, although there’s a cardboard privacy standee kind of propped up next to it. Tons of toilet paper. This is some loot right here. Also a very comfy bed! It does look like a bare mattress from here, but I saw it up close and it was a sleeping bag made from that reflective survival bedding that astronauts use. Not a bad spot to squat.