The Merryweather Prison shitter!

So you’re on your way to sunny Fort Joy, a vacation destination of relaxation and recreation? Well fella, I hope for your sake that your ticket says The Merryweather, a steamship of unsurpassed luxury. With entertainment venues on every deck! Here’s the exclusive VIP cabin. Though your bunk is connected securely to the floor via direct contact, just close your eyes to experience virtual hammock-swaying action, thanks to the turbulent rolling of furious ocean waves. Water isn’t leaking in from the walls and ceiling, it’s actively freshening the air with a seasalt spray! The lumps in the corners are just lumps. Try not to think about them! Or touch them. Wave to your neighbor through the rusty rustic room-dividing privacy curtain! You have a shitter and he doesn’t. That’s what makes this bunk VIP. No in-transit food will be served. Bon voyage.