Trauma Center shitter!

Here on the science station, we call this a medical facility. Trevor J. Young was attacked by a terrible creature, and then the administration (of which I am party to, and ashamed by that fact) threw him in this shithole here because they didn’t know how to handle it. Actually quite appalling and another reason why Talos I is a human rights disaster area. Don’t worry about Trevor J. Young. He’s gonna be okay. I managed to save him after reloading my game like 3 times to make sure he didn’t end up dying in this awful place. He somehow managed to scrawl this office door password into the wall which is certainly convenient, thank you Trevor, but also, how the fuck did he do it. Like what did he use to pierce the walls like that. Anyway, the shitter is steadfast in nature, upright and maintaining its dignity, always there for you like a prison shitter should be. Yes, this is a prison, in spite of any spaceship clown doctor trying to tell you otherwise.