Kolbjorn Barrow shitter!

Ralis Sedarys is a Dunmer who has archeological ambitions and dreams. He needs some funds from you (11,000 Septims total) to dig through the layers of volcanic ash on Solstheim’s southern shore, because he says there’s gems and stuff down there. At this point in the game you already have a lot of cash, so the coins you toss at him in installments to get to the bottom of all this is really just a drop in the bucket. If you’re really that worried about it, go sell three Ebony greatswords and your costs are covered.

Things get more and more weird as Ralis makes progress, but because you’re the Dragonborn, you basically just watch him gradually lose his friggin mind, while you loot the barrow, and then save the day afterward. Here’s a shitter that can be found once Ralis sets up camp. Its placement changes slightly over the course of the quest, but like any good shitter, it’s a steadfast pal who sticks with ya ‘til the end.