Deep Storage shitter!

Here’s another water closet - like an actual closet - in the science vessel Talos I. If you look past all the carnage and the things that are obviously wrong here, you can focus on the gorgeous stainless steel throne with its industrial piping! Wow!

Ok, now let’s be honest - What even is this shit? Is there a door? There isn’t. Great. A corpse has been dragged in here, or maybe something has schlorped away from the corpse, leaving a trail. There’s just cardboard storage boxes, and exposed insulation, and exposed circuit boards, and biohazard fluid in pouches, on the fucking floor. A “NO SMOKING” sign! That’s exactly the kind of thing you need on a Space Station. There is no way a human wrote this portion of the sim. Only an alien, or a robot, would think any of this is normal. But the toilet itself is stellar!