So here’s a story from a bit ago.

Jazbay Grapes are said to be super-rare, but they’re actually found in quite an abundance in the hot springs by Eldergleam Sanctuary. So I was just wandering around picking them, when I came upon three naked hunters lounging in the hot springs. You may be familiar with them. Their clothes are folded on the ground alongside the rest of their things.

As I stood around just looking at them, the woman says, “Yes?” I click on her and she asks, “What do you want?”, very rudely. The dude that’s there, I click on him too. And he goes “Can I help you?” I thought, these asses can’t even offer me some West Weald Vintage, or whatever they’re sipping on, at this love party?

So I thought, fuck these guys. I decided to steal their clothes and I grabbed all their clothes in one swipe and ran as fast as I could far away and hid. They followed for a short bit, but soon returned to their spawn point. I snuck back and they were PISSED! They were running all over the place, naked, fists up in fighting stance. Haha, be naked forever. And while I was sitting there cracking up, in the bushes hidden, watching them run around hostile and looking for me …

AW YEAH!! My Sneak improved, causing me to Level Up. Thanks, Naked Hunters!

And when I went back over 2 real-life months later to see if they were still there. They were still there, still naked, and still angry as shit.