Wilson’s Gate shitters!

An array of various prison shitters available for your incarcerated use in Baldur’s Gate. These are from a place called Flymm Cargo. Loving the ‘bunkbed’ style on the middle cell. With a little ladder leading to the top? Something I don’t really get about Baldur’s Gate prisons is how empty they are. Yeah there are always a freaking skeleton, makes no sense, these must have been sitting empty for over 100 years. Mighty puzzling given the breadth of sheer crime saturating the streets. Pretty much you only meet like one guy in all these catacombs and he looves it here! Even if you offer to break him out, and he praises the fact no one bothers him there.

Jemison’s UC Prison shitter!

Meander excessively to the UC building in Jemison to find a Va’Ruun Prisoner named Mir’za- who, per the Galactic Dignity Treaty, has a prison shitter. And apparently gets to keep wearing her body armor? The UC evidently believed the public placement of this shitter would cow Mir’za into feeling less-than, because she would have to use it in front of everyone. But ask yourself, as you take in the kohl kojol sunscreen smudged all over that bald head and (take my word for it) meth mouth, who is really being cowed here? You know Mir’za loves making the shift guard suffer when she situates herself on this perch. She probably stares them down. This shitter is Dark Wilson and with a corner office. The arrow points the way you will avert your gaze from the eyeball assault.

Not Me, Not Today shitter!

Yes, Disasterpiece is both the name of this quest and theme of this mess and we are all saying “Not Me.” Wilson!!!!!!!!! This shitter deserves the Last Friend in the World trophy for the work it is doing holding the entire room together. It’s situated as the lawgiver, counselor, and priest for the eight damned souls who would be sardined into this hokey. This shitter would score ESTJ on the Myers-Briggs. Incredible that there is also a sink, which brings the sanitation level of this prison shitter to ‘ultra-rare.’

Falskaar shitters!

The following shitters were submitted by Bucket Brigadier imsopopfly!

Sunken Skull Barrow: I had begun to fear that you would find no more shitters in Skyrim, when I got a bright idea. Why not explore modded content? I have been exploring Falskaar of late in search of shitters to show you. This search has not been fruitless. Behold the first of the shitters I have found. This one is located in Sunken Skull Barrow. Simple, but functional! Also warm, just look how close it is to that nice fire. There’s even reading material! The local necromancers are lucky to have a shitter like this.

Vulkrund Keep: This is Falskaar correspondent imsopopfly reporting live from Volkrund Keep, where I have found a DOUBLE SHITTER. No illusions of privacy here, folks. May offend the sensibilities of the more squeamish among us. Then again, you can’t exactly expect sensibility when the place is run by some crazy necromancer trying to reshape the world with the power of the Daedric lord Vaermina. Honestly this double shitter is the least trippy thing in the entire keep, and a fine place to do your business when you consider the alternative.

Stoneridge Watch: The next shitter from Stoneridge Watch is rather bare-bones, but you can’t honestly expect more in a cell. The folks the bandits here keep prisoner should probably just count themselves lucky that they don’t have to use the floor instead.

These are gems! Thank you, friend! I’m particularly fond of prison shitters. It’s like your only companion sometimes in a jail cell. That bucket is Wilson.