Gaming Thrones

Gaming Thrones: A History

Gaming Thrones began in 2014 when I discovered my very first shitter at Skyrim’s Broken Oar Grotto. On Tumblr, we were known as Shitters of Skyrim. But when one of the very first bucket brigadiers posed a powerful question: “Do you post pictures of any game toilet, or just Skyrim toilets?” it was as though I had been struck by lightning! Thus, Gaming Thrones was born. The Skyrim shitter bucket is still used as an announcements icon as an homage to our roots. The name is obviously a play on the Game of Thrones series by American novelist George R. R. Martin. The blog was moved from Tumblr to this private domain in late 2018.

The purpose of this blog is to unite three of my common interests: video games, web coding, and proper sanitation. As a student of web development, and in case you are wondering why the site is broken in places, I do write the code for this blog myself. However gradually, the blog is always evolving. Additionally, I am passionate about human rights, specifically the right to a clean and safe toilet. In my spare time, I am also an artist, and a published author.

What is the Bucket Brigade and how do you receive submissions?

Gaming Thrones’ Bucket Brigade is made up of hundreds of gaming enthusiasts. Many have followed Gaming Thrones since its inception in 2014, but new brigadiers join every day. They are loyal readers, contributors, and personal friends. Our Brigade hails from all over the world - Alaska, South Africa, Melbourne, Seoul, Croatia, Brazil, Wrocław, Calgary, New York City - to name just a few. Each December, a bucket brigadier is recognized for their exceptional dedication as Bucket Brigadier of the Year! When we were based on Tumblr, there was a built-in secure function for receiving viewer submissions. Current bucket brigadier submissions are gifted to me via our private Discord server. At this time, we do not have an inbox for outside submissions, but this is in development and something I hope to provide in the near future.

What challenges do you face writing about toilets and toilet adjacents?

The biggest challenge for me is finishing a game without finding a single toilet. Games that lack toilets tend to not hold my interest because I see video game shitters as an unusual and novel element of storytelling. At their heart they are unnecessary, so in finding them, I feel a special bond with their designer. Someone else who sees them as I do. It’s like looking across a crowd, and seeing someone with my same stupid hairstyle. Game toilets have only improved over time, so we have a yearly Blue Bowl award for best gaming toilet.

What does a great toilet mean to you?

A bathroom is a place of peace, serenity, and contemplation. In the perfect bathroom, one would feel completely at ease. A great toilet is clean, quiet, and solitary. One should enter a bathroom with confidence, and leave feeling invigorated. When you leave the bathroom, you should feel ready to conquer the world!

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