Soaring Pacific 71 Heavy shitter!

Don’t look at me that way, that’s the name of this airplane. And this airplane shitter is actually so beautiful. First of all I love there’s a security pinpad on the door. Yes, stay out, lessers! The code for the door is on the first class ticket and IF YOU HAD ONE, you’d be allowed to open this door. And what’s inside? A bunch of raspberry jam, of course! Honestly, it’s fine with me that the gore isn’t hyper-realistic, I’m not into that kind of thing, but what I am into is hyper-realistic shitter aesthetic. The outsplashed blue sanitation liquid. The seat lid on the ground. The pillow compartment? Take a nap in there! This is afterall much more spacious than many metropolitan apartments, and look at all the PANELS!

Queen of Pop shitter!

Grunge is an artform and the only thing that would make this shitter more amazing would be a steel-studded leather cone-shaped brassiere. Vogueing its way to the top of the charts is this Dead Island shitter complete with cinderblock squatty potty, a drumroll of unfurled TP, backlit by a destroyed outer wall. Yes, sister, work the runway! This shitter has vapors of rat plague demigod but with the finery of an aerospace magnate and it is doing the most.

Spa Treatment shitter!

You woke up like this? Can’t help but feel sorry for this shitter who just wanted to be an influencer and ended up in a literal blood bath. This shitter is like the Velveteen Rabbit. When you become REAL, honey, this is what you look like! Thanks to bucket brigadier Swolito for these Dead Island shitters!