Largashbur Longhouse shitter!

Genuine Orc crapper. Barely any privacy and I bet sleeping right behind it really stinks! But complaining doesn’t go over well in Orc households.

Valtheim Towers shitter!

Valtheim Towers shitter. This bandit hideout is superb in so many ways. Plenty of sleeping space, a cookpot, and it spans the entire river via a sturdy, ancient stone bridge. And it even has a really nice shitter. But I don’t doubt these Raider idiots probably just dump the bucket contents into the river below, when they’re done. Possibly upstream? Well, they don’t have public education in Skyrim.

Seneca Gang Camp Shitter!

This crashed gondola car has been repurposed by these inventive [dead] raiders into a really fancy piss pot! They hauled it all the way up to this rock outcropping for a high-art, high-altitude shitter. This was well worth their trouble, even if they are all dead now and their camp is occupied by Super Mutants, because they left something their descendants could have been proud of. Stephen Hawking said that the only thing that lingers after your death is what you were able to contribute to the world, and this is Seneca Gang’s legacy!

You Can Die

This helpful sign is found outside Top of the World. Fun Fact: Since radscorpions and rocket-launching Mole Men live there, you don’t even have to leave. You can die right at the Ski Resort.

We’ve Migrated Away from Tumblr!

A combination of Tumblr’s codebase being limiting or difficult to work with, and their recent changes to their definition of censorship, has prompted this change. I think this will be a good change! We were getting too comfortable on Tumblr, anyway. “Fat as a buttered bishop,” as Osferth of Wessex would say. So now we have a new layout and banner, and some new features coming soon. Enjoy!!