Mom’s shitter!

Submitted by bucket brigadier Rockin T! This scene is from the Undertale spinoff Deltarune, a game which is currently in a free and unfinished state of being, and has only two chapters. And yet, remarkably, it has a shitter. A paragon of essential game design!

If you guessed that this is somebody’s mom’s shitter, you would be 100% correct. The character we see here is Kris, protagonist, and this is the house where they live with their mother. Says Rockin T: “The bathroom is just part of the house that you can walk in if you want to, but isn’t lore-important until the second chapter when they’re asked to wash their hands in there.” Aside from the UltraMom decor styling, check out that Poland Spring refill jug size Pert Plus in the shower. It’s just about as large as Kris’ enormous HEAD.