Death Stranding’s Poop-to-Grenade Converter!

This impeccable article on Polygon cannot be eclipsed, in either writing or explanation of what is happening in its video so I encourage you to check out the article, and watch the video! 2020 hit us all like a Roto-Rooter, and as a casualty of this entire year I have not played as many games as I would have liked. But others have played them. And it has helped me immeasurably that I can read about this on Polygon, instead of continuing on into the future like a dummy, without knowing that in Death Stranding, you CAN poop, you can ONLY poop in this one area, and that poop gets turned into grenades. Then he flips you off at the end of the video. What I like about this is that we start talking about how normal the function of pooping is. As Jack Sim stated at the 2020 World Toilet Summit, we always talk about what we are eating, but we never talk about what happens afterward. What happens afterward is we make scifi weapons!!

Please note: At no point in this video does Norman Reedus wash his hands. What in anti-Science HELL?